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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rescue | Rehab | Eva from Bedok

Meet Eva, a tricoloured eight year-old cat from Bedok. 

Eva working it for the camera

Eva has been waiting to get a space at our cattery for a long time and when space freed up she finally got admitted! Eva’s feeder noticed that she wasn’t eating and brought her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with anaemia. Her feeder had to medicate her daily as she was waiting under the block to be admitted. 

Eva loving all the attention

We give her daily iron supplements for anaemia, antibiotics, and erythropoeitine injections three times a week, and recently discovered that she had a case of fleas that we have treated with Revolution. Besides some of the usual supplements, we give her ashwagandha, chlorophyll, echinacea, dandelion, and yellow dock for her anaemia. 

What do you mean, you don't like my singing?

Eva is a vocal little miss who loves butt scratches and climbing. She yowls for attention and rubs her head against the door of the suite. She spends a lot of time serenading humans but is not all that friendly with other cats (Ah Niu went to visit her on his daily walkabout and she loudly let him know how displeased she was). 

You should come visit Eva and give her the butt rubs everycat deserves! Sign up to do a play/clean shift on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, or come for Tea with Cats on the 30th of January. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TNR at Jurong West Ave 3 last night

Last night we tended to a sterilisation appeal for a colony of stray cats at Jurong West. 7 cats were trapped in total - one needs veterinary attention and will be paid for by the feeder. These 6 other cats will be neutered, then released back in their territory to curb the population growth of urban cats there.

TNR - trap, neuter, return - programmes are carried out by our Rescue & Sterilisation team.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[Adopt] Koko the calico from Kallang Industrial Park

Koko is a playful, sweet and healthy little 9 week old kitten who is looking for a loving home. 

 photo 160117_LuvCat-017_web_zpsygkboc65.jpg
Time for me to go home to some loving humans!
 photo 160117_LuvCat-029_web_zpssnp1jb4i.jpg

Adorable calico markings, sure to become a pretty adult

She has come a long way since coming to us at 4 weeks old when she was found without her mother at Kallang Industrial Park. When she came to us, she was undernourished and covered in fleas. Koko was bathed with flea shampoo and had fleas manually removed from her.

 photo 160117_LuvCat-028_web_zpsz8j6pi7p.jpg
All better now
Koko needed to be handfed kitten milk formula round the clock so she was fostered out with one of our volunteers until she was gradually weaned off. After that, she returned to the cattery to help with her socialisation with other cats. Koko has also been dewormed and vaccinated in the past week so she is in the best health she has even been!

 photo 160117_LuvCat-027_web_zpsyczkp24k.jpg
I'll raise my paw to that
Koko is a very playful and sociable who loves the attention of humans and will mew and seduce you with her charms.

 photo 160117_LuvCat-023_web_zpsdqsfzxsj.jpg
Love me?
 photo 160117_LuvCat-031_web_zpsr6x27eln.jpg
Play with me!
 photo 160117_LuvCat-024_web_zpswvt5henj.jpg
Adopt me?
To adopt Koko, see right sidebar under 'How to adopt' or see here.

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[Adopt] Winnie, lovely girl kitten rescued from a rubbish collection area in Woodlands

| #adoptme |
A piercing gaze

"Take me home."
Winnie was found by one of our volunteers' friend, all by her self at a rubbish collection area in Woodlands. In case there was a mother cat nearby, the rescuer waited, but to no avail.

During the short time Winnie was at our shelter, she presented with diarrhoea. We dewormed her and put her on 2 different antibiotics before the diarrhoea cleared. After that, we got her vet checked and vaccinated.

Winnie's personality is very extraverted. She approaches other kittens to play, loves human companionship and interaction.

Playing with a wand toy
She has the potential to be a tad naughty, because she is very alert and active! She is also vocal and has the most pitiful-sounding meow ever.

On guard to catch 'prey'
Predator in action!

She really loves play!
Winnie also has the potential to be an Instakitty celebrity, look at her striking a cute pose for our pet photographer:

Grooming in action
Come hither eyes
Another great action shot!

Winnie is likely to charm many hearts. To adopt her, see right side bar under 'How to adopt' or see here:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rescue | Rehab | Bo's story

Meet Bo, one of our permanent residents at the cattery. Bo used to hang out at Botanic Gardens, and one day a regular LKP rescuer walking her dog noticed him looking very ill. She brought him to the vet where he was diagnosed as FIV positive with chronic renal failure.

 The high life as a park-dwelling delinquent just isn't for everycat.
An early picture of Bo in his carrier

When Bo first came to us, he was so stressed out that he peed himself and needed a bath straight away. Thanks to a wide gamut of supplements and several tenacious volunteers, he is now in a much stabler condition than when he first arrived, and he slowly started eating more and gaining weight and strength.
Look ma, no paws!

Bo moping because he had to take the pill that makes him better.
Here at the cattery, we manage his condition with Azodyl, a daily renal-specific probiotic pill. While Bo loves getting head skritches and will purr contentedly in a fluffy round cat-loaf when pet, he hates being handled, which makes baths and regular clinical care challenging. Initially we tried administering subcutaneous fluids, but Bo would have none of it and yowled, wriggled, bit, and scratched even the most experienced volunteers. Since coming to stay with us, Bo has also refined a staggering strategy to resist his medication, using his core strength to stay at the furthest part of his cat suite, and locking his jaw shut so we can't feed him the pill even with the pill-popper and the strongest neck scruff. A single foster care volunteer often has not enough hands to scruff Bo, pry open his mouth and put in the pill, but still we manage to (almost every day... some days we concede and mix it in with a bit of cat food). Luckily, Bo's kidney values improved on just Azodyl and supplements (we give him vitamins B & C, colostrum, lysine, aggression formula, echinacea, colloidal silver, astragalus, burdock, dandelion, nettle, fish oil, and more general probiotics).

Recently Bo developed a skin issue, where he started to lose fur in patches on his face and neck, possibly due to an allergy to his favourite fishy foods. 

Or is he just blushing??
Immunocompromised cats like Bo are prone to such issues, though, and we manage it with weekly medicated baths and daily topical medication. His skin has since improved a little, but for reasons unbeknownst to us humans, he seems extremely annoyed with his weekly spa experience. 

Have you ever tried to keep an annoyed, soapy cat in the basin for ten minutes as his medicated shampoo does its thing, then rinsed him off and brought him to be towel and blow-dried? It's a party.

Notwithstanding all his recalcitrance and grumpiness, Bo has grown on us. He's scrupulous with his litterbox and fairly tolerant of other cats' shenanigans. We love his silly-looking, protruding, crooked tooth, and how he demands treats by sticking his paw out to prod at unsuspecting passersby or muss our hair when we're checking on Ah Niu in the suite below his). He is often seen tucking his paws under and sitting or sleeping in a round fluffy loaf of cat, and despite what he might tell you about his weekly spas, they help keep his fur lovely and soft. 

Bo working it
Bo's funny tooth

Here's wishing Bo's coat of fur grows more evenly in 2016, and that he comes to terms with the benign daily necessities of medication so it's less of an ordeal on both sides. If you'd like to learn more about spotting symptoms of chronic renal failure, a common and manageable condition that affects ageing cats, sign up for our Cat Care talk with Dr. Dawn Chong on the 19th of December.

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