Sign up to be a monthly cat angel!

Sign up to be a monthly cat angel!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Review: Nature's Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder as a grooming powder for cats

We might have -finally- found a grooming powder suitable for use on the shelter cats, and is easy to procure: this product is from iHerb. Actually meant for babies, but ingredients are safe and even include extracts like echinacea and goldenseal. There are no artificial ingredients at all. Very hypoallergenic.

Costs S$9.27 before discounts and delivery charge.

Grooming powder is not only useful for combing out matts for a longhaired cat. After we bathe cats, some are not able to stay still to the end of the blowdrying session. Other wouldn't even let the hairdryer near them. For kittens we wet wipe daily because they are dirtier, powdering them after makes them stay dry.

[It is also a protip to powder white paws and other areas before a photoshoot.]

Buy the powder fr om, and if you are a first time iherb customer, use our code AVA985 to get US$5-10 off your first purchase. This also gives us credits we can use to offset the supplements we buy from iherb for the sick cats.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Become a monthly Cat Angel this December, and get an orangeTag pet tag!

This December, create a new standing instruction donation to us, of $50 or more, through your bank's online platform, and you get a free orangeTag pet tag that is electronic scanning enabled!

We are referring to this orangeTags pet tag:

Smart Tag, Smart Pet
Posted by Smart Phone Enabled Pet Tag on Monday, March 23, 2015
Even if your pet is microchipped, having this on his collar will help regular passers-by contact you, the owner, without having to bring it to SPCA or a vet clinic to scan for a chip and pay for microchip scanning services. Having an orangeTag pet tag is extra assurance that your pet, if in the unlikely chance she gets lost, someone can contact you easily via the tag.

Close up of the pet tag

The orangeTag pet tag is hung on your cat's collar

orangeTags has partnered with us during the month of December, that every new standing instruction set up to donate to our account, at an amount of $50 and more, you can receive a free orangeTag pet tag. There is only a $10 handling fee to input your pet's and your details in the tag before they can send it to you.

Get an orangeTag pet tag as a new monthly cat angel!

We are in serious need of monthly donations. To upkeep our work, based on FY2014 figures, we need about $8,500 per month to do our rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, neutering and outreach work. Many cat angels have already stepped forward to donate monthly but we are still below target. Paying rental every month is a scary affair. Sometimes, when we see our out-of-stock list of items, it also worries us that we can only wait till more funds come in before we restock items, like supplements.

The man-hours spent fundraising per month equates to time taken away from actually caring for our beneficiaries, the cats. But with monthly donations via standing instructions by your bank to our corporate account, we spend fewer hours on fundraising and more on cat loving. We need more of you to become monthly cat angels.

If you are a POSB or DBS customer, click here if you do not know how to set up a monthly standing instruction to us. Our account is DBS current 027-905975-3.

After u set up the standing instruction, take a screenshot to confirm you are recurring a donation of $50 or more to our bank account number. Send this screenshot to Elaine and she will arrange for you to have your tag made and sent to you.

This campaign is for the month of December this year only, so do make your donations in time!

Thank you for helping us love the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection        

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Our Year-End Audacious Wishlist!

| Thank you cat angels |

We have been touched by many of you cat angels this year, thank you! For those of you who would like to give during the upcoming holiday season, here our year end wishlist items.

If there are any items in this list that you wish to buy for us, SMS Elaine at 90880675 to let us know! This way there will not be any double orders. Those items that you would like to either mail / courier to us or come in person with them, we will also give you our address. (We are a closed-admission shelter and visits are by appointment, so we cannot accept surprise drop offs of these gifts...)

We have been shelving this overhead purchase in lieu of other expenses in boarding and veterinary needs. For now, we paste notices on the wall with scotch tape. We also lack a platform where we can communicate to guests a list of dos and don'ts when they visit.

We need 2 noticeboards, 60cm by 90cm, one in portrait orientation for internal announcements near the food prep area, another in landscape near the door so guests can read notices on it easily. The notice boards need to have a framed transparent door cover so that the roaming cats will not jump and tear at the notices, or be exposed to any sharp objects used to pin the notices.

Felt base, can be portrait or landscape

On this website Gaviton Events one noticeboard of the size we enquired is $178 per piece. This excludes delivery and installation at $30.

How to buy this for us: We will order the noticeboards and request that we pay them by a cheque or money order issued by you, while overseeing the delivery and installation of the noticeboards at our cattery. You can mail us the cheque or money order for the final amount we negotiate, or you can come and visit us when they install the noticeboards and pay them in person.

Scrub tops for our Foster Care Volunteers
Scrubs are useful outerwear tops that Foster Care Volunteers can wear to do their cat care work, without worry that they dirty their own clothes be it with physical stains, liquids or germs. We also want to get these scrub tops for them as a sense of identity because their work creates such high impact, so it is also a small form of volunteer appreciation.

Scrub top by RMF scrubs

We will add our Love Kuching Project logo to it as well. Delivery for 30 scrub tops to Singapore will be free of charge. The quotation they gave us is US$247.50 which is about $352.50. RMF scrubs are the cheapest scrubs available in the market by far. 

How to buy this for us: We can send you our logo and size requirements for the scrubs, while you email them with our order, and pay for the order using paypal or credit card. 

Young Living essential oils
Specifically, we are out of Purification blend, and Helichrysum. Purification is useful when there is a flea or mite or pest (ants, flies) situation in the cattery. It is also good for odour control in our air management when there are cats having diarrhoea; we can diffuse this in our water diffuster. Purification costs $40.79. Helichrysum is one of the three oils used for pain relief, something many of our shelter cats will benefit from. The three oils for pain relief in cats are Frankincense, Helichrysum and Copaiba. They can be diffused or made into a blend for topical use. They can also be consumed if the cat is okay with the taste. Helichrysum is $182.90 per 5ml bottle. 


How to buy this for us: You can purchase Young Living essential oils through their website, or go to their office to buy in person. After procuring the oils you can send them to us or come and visit us with your gifts.

Pee Wee Litterbox with Hood
The roaming cats in the cattery share a hooded litterbox that is placed in our toilet right now. However, the clips that keep the hood intact with the base are broken, and have been for quite some time. Also, the door has long been lost. But the major thing is that because we use pine litter, it should be a litterbox that has a sieve bottom but our current one doesn't have it. We waste a lot of pine using this kind of litterbox. 

The ideal litterbox would be:

  PeeWee EcoHus
This fits our dimensions for the toilet area we set aside for the roaming cats' litterbox as well. 

How to get this for us: The PeeWee range of litterboxes can be found at many pet stores and you can approach your most convenient pet supplies vendor to get the EcoHus litterbox for us. You can either get our address via SMS and ask your pet supplies store to deliver it to us or come and visit with the gift in person. 

3B Scientific Microscope

This is a microscope that can see oil immersion slides at minimum 40X. To a layman, this means that if we want to check what kind of skin problem, diarrhoea-causing parasite or infection, we can do it without going to the vet. Upon identifying the problem, we can simply administer the medication necessary if we have it on hand (and if not we can just buy it from the vet clinic without needing to transport the cat and pay for consultation).

Some examples of what we can identify: 

Demodex mite
If we do a skin scrape test and find this mite, then we can just treat the cat for this straightaway with lime sulphur baths; we have lime sulphur soap that costs only 50 cents per bar and works well for demodex mites. We can also concurrently apply Advocate, which we also have. 

If this is found in stool samples under a microscope when a kitten is having diarrhoea, it needs to go on Bactrim antibiotics to get treated before it gets too dehydrated from diarrhoea. Being able to identify the right infection the cat is having when there is diarrhoea, allows us to apply the right antibiotics immediately. Many diarrhoea problems won't go away until the exact antibiotic is given and there are quite many of them. 

If we get this we will print up a chart so we can refer the samples we see to the charts and identify the infections accurately. 

This item is on our Amazon wishlist so you can purchase it through Amazon. If you have any other alternative means because you are in a scientific research or similar industry you can also get it for us through your own familiar vendors. Our requirement is that it must be able to see 10X, 40X and 100X, and able to use with oil immersion slides. 

This textbook is a comprehensive and accessible clinical manual addressing the unique nursing needs of cats. We are currently in the midst of building a Foster Care training curriculum for continual training of our volunteers as well as to improve on our training of new volunteers. There are many coloured, visual examples in the textbook showing, for instance, how to inspect the gums of a cat for signs of disease. It also gives definitions of the terms the volunteers will come across. It will serve as a good handy guide for learning about new "pawtients" with diseases encountered for the first time, so we can better care for the cat.

Nursing the Feline Patient

How to get this for us: This book is also in our Amazon wishlist so you can purchase through Amazon.. It would be a great companion guide to use alongside the microscope because it shows slide samples :).

And yes we do want the other things in our Amazon wishlist but these are the audacious requests, stuff that have weight and will really make a difference in the way we work for cats.

Enjoy giving this year-end season!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sign up to become a monthly Cat Angel!

We need more monthly donors. As we raise the bar in our cat rescue work, the recurring expenses will grow over time, but so must the recurring income.

Without monthly donors, here are the things we cannot do:
■ Buy food and litter
■ Buy supplements
■ Buy pharmaceutical supplies
■ Pay regular veterinary expenses for inhouse cats
■ Pay veterinary expenses for stray cats that need medical help but whose rescuers cannot afford
■ Pay our monthly rent
■ Pay our monthly utilities

To become a monthly donor, you will need to use your bank's internet or mobile banking service to create a standing instruction to our bank account.

Assuming you are a POSB or DBS banking customer, you can click here for a step by step process on how to set this up.

Our bank account is DBS current 027-905975-3. Other information you may require - our bank account name is Love Kuching Project, our bank branch is Parkway Parade.

If you do not have internet or mobile banking, you can acquire a hard copy standing instruction form from DBS which you can then submit to any DBS branch or mail in to them. We can mail one to you for you to fill up, simply provide us with your name and mailing address and SMS Elaine at 90880675.

If you are an overseas donor, you will need the above mentioned information as well as the following: our bank is DBS Bank. Address of Beneficiary Bank is 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982. Country: Singapore. SWIFT Address/ Code: DBSSSGSG. Should you require any further information, send Elaine an email at

What happens when you give monthly?

You ensure we have enough food, litter, supplements, medicine and medical supplies for our shelter cats, no matter how serious their illness or injury is.

You help us give the terminally ill cats a great quality of life before they pass on.

You help us upkeep an environment that gives the shelter cats the physical - and - emotional welfare they need to rehabilitate well.

You help the volunteers help the cats with all the resources they need to give their best.

With income that we do not need to source on a month to month basis, we can fully focus on the work we do in loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection        

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Met a stray kitty that needs rescue? Here is how you can contact us:

We announced on social media recently that we have just gone through an internal restructuring, and this will improve the way your rescue requests are being managed.

We receive a lot of calls, texts and emails on a daily basis and all along, it has been only one or two people handling the rescue requests, managing the waiting list for shelter slots, advising rescuers on alternatives because we are unable to help. Now we have a Rescue and Sterilisation team at your service to tend to rescue cases that you would like our help in, not just a lone ranger.

To contact us on a stray cat that you meet that needs rescue, go to our website and click on Cat Rescue on the side bar. You will see a link that requires you to send a Rescue Request. This form, once you have filled in and sent, will reach the entire Rescue and Sterilisation team so that now more people can tend to the stray cat rescue requests, the waiting list is better managed, Elaine and Andy's phones are less taxed, and the form you submit gives us all the information we will need before we can render any advice.

With this in place, we urge you to use this new system so that our rescue work can grow in a structured manner. All rescue requests via phone calls, texts and emails will no longer be tended to, only those submitted via the Rescue Request form. Thank you for helping us help you help cats better!

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Adopt] Yolo from Yio Chu Kang, found as an orphaned baby kitten

Yolo, now at 11 weeks old

Yolo is a sweet, happy, sociable, human and cat loving extroverted kitten who is healthy and yes, really cute.

He came from a sad past though, found orphaned in the backyard of a home in Yio Chu Kang. When young baby kittens are sighted, the right thing to do is not to disturb the kitten and monitor to see if the mother comes back, while you remain out of sight. This is what the rescuer did, but Yolo's mother did not return.
Yolo needed to be handfed kitten milk formula round the clock as he was only close to 3 weeks old when he arrived. We all took turns to bring him to our own homes so we could do the feeding.

He then suffered from constipation, and we had to add olive oil and probiotics to his milk, give him enemas, and finally he did poop. Aside from that he got through early kittenhood alive and well.

Some kittens take a longer time to learn how to eat on their own, what is known as partial weaning, alongside milk feedings. Yolo was one of the slow ones. Baby kittens that need to be milk fed and cannot fully eat on their own have to stay at the Foster Care Volunteers' homes (whoever has volunteered to take the baby kitten home) till they are independent, then they can come and move into the Love Kuching cattery to stay in the kitten suite. Yolo did finally learn to eat eventually and that qualified him to move out of 'home nursery' care!

However, Yolo had to stay back a while because after he learned how to eat solid food on his own, there was a cat flu' bug going around in the cattery and we had to make sure Yolo didn't also get it. When the flu' passed, Yolo came to stay at the cattery. He made friends with all his new foster siblings, and really loves to cuddle with humans too.

He got vet checked, vaccinated and also went through his deworming schedule. Now he is ready to go to a loving forever home.

Loves to bite toys like a puppy
Sitting up like he's already a big boy
Looking cuddly here...
No mummy to clean him, so he grooms himself
Thrilled by human affection

Yolo is a really sociable kitten. He loves his older foster siblings, both kittens and adults alike. He also likes to cuddle and kiss humans, and makes friends easily. He likes to talk, especially when he wants attention. He will belong well in any household that has a lot of human or cat love to give, or both!

To adopt Yolo, see right side bar under 'How to adopt' or click here.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

[FUNDRAISING APPEAL] Urgent: 11 days till 1 October 2015

We have been through a month of heavy cash outflow, and currently do not have sufficient funds in our account to pay the monthly rental due via GIRO in 11 days' time.

 photo dbs balance 20 sept_zpsvhlmysgd.jpg

We recently went through a widespread cat flu' bug, which really tired us out needing to administer flu' treatments and supplements. This is one of the reasons why we had a larger than usual cash outflow this month; one of our supplement orders cost S$383.36 because we intensively used supplements such as colostrum powder, echinacea tinctures for immunity for all the cats at risk, and lysine powder and marshmallow root which are some of the supplements for cat flu'. All the cats except severely immunocompromised Tiger have completely recovered since, although Tiger is already much better and no longer at the brink.

 photo Daily Big 5_10_zpsvmjxmhlb.jpg
 photo Daily Big 5_11_zpsijuij3py.jpg

And if you follow us on social media, you would also know that we just spent $625.20 at the vet and we still need help covering that significant cash outlay.

 photo 2015-09-19 10.47.28_zps3dmk8yym.jpg

Another item we recently purchased was a cat weighing scale that happened to be on 60% off. A cat weighing scale usually costs way over $100 and typically this is in USD. Our current weighing scale is inaccurate albeit we have been using it with some estimation for a couple of years now. It also cannot weigh kittens. Quite third world country standards but we haven't come across a suitable AND cheap weighing scale until this month. Cats' body weights are important information we need in order to callibrate the correct dosages of medication they require. Without that, even our vet, when she is at our cattery, has to use some estimation unless we bring the kitten to the vet clinic to weigh on their scale. We found a weighing scale at US$63.48, one that has a cradle so the cat cannot easily jump off, and, can weigh to the correct gram scale and decimal point for the weight range we need for all kinds of sizes of cats! We nearly leapt for joy and bought it while it was still in stock and on discount.

 photo 31XGW7oUtHL_zpsnq2ahi3n.jpg

So, out of necessity, we had to spend more this month. Now we need your help to tide through to the very last day of September (when we have to wake people up).

How you can help
Make a general donation of any amount by 30 September, via any of these methods:
● Transfer funds via your bank to our corporate account DBS current 027-905975-3.
● Make a cash deposit at a POSB or DBS cash deposit machine to the same bank account number which will be classified at the machine as a DBS current account.
● Write a cheque to 'Love Kuching Project', cross it and write our account number at the back, then drop it at any POSB or DBS quick cheque deposit box.

After you give, please also share this post with your friends so we can reach as many cat lovers as we can within the next 11 days.

Thank you so much cat angels. If you would like us to verify receipt after your donation, SMS Elaine at 90880675.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mimosa estate kittens - Moe and Melody | #Adopt |

Moe and Melody when they were ~ 3 weeks old
Found in a drain in a private estate, without any mother cat, Moe and Melody came to us as orphaned kittens. They needed to be bottle fed at the time, and then weaned onto solid food.

Dubbed the "cow babies" when they were, well, babies
They had to stay at our Foster Care Volunteers' house when they were still on milk (the volunteers take turns to host them), as they needed round the clock feeding. When they were fully weaned they came back to the shelter to get to know their foster

Hanging out with our volunteers' own pet cat Jolie
Back at LKP kitten suite

They went through the usual kitten issues - worms and parasites - had to be dewormed and put on Revolution. They also got vet checked and vaccinated when they were of age. We taught them to eat, drink and use the litter box independently. Most of all, we acquainted them with positive human contact. Both kittens are now extremely friendly and affectionate with humans and with other cats, trained to be suitable as house cats.

Left: Moe, and his sister Melody
Moe is more of a cat's cat, a bit of a stoner kitty who likes to chill out a bit more than his sister Melody, who looks like a boy with her moustache and plays as rowdily as one too. Both enjoy playing a lot though, being their age, now 2.5-3 months old.

Moe be chillin' after a shower
Moe the stoner kitty
Melody, caught just before she wanted to run and play
Melody getting a playful hug-bite from her brother
Want to adopt the cow babies Moe and Melody? See right side bar under 'How to adopt', or click here to find out how! Spread the word!

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection        

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Romeo from a void deck in Pasir Ris, healing up from a fight wound

A well-loved community cat from Pasir Ris got himself bitten under his tail, and worried all his human friends when the wound festered and got infected. They brought him to the vet for treatment, where he stayed for two days.


His infected bite wound under the tail

The vet had advised them that his wound would need daily cleaning and topical medication, and he would need to finish a course of antibiotics. If the wound didn't heal up well, he would need surgery to close it. The residents who brought him to the vet couldn't find a way to foster him while he needed this rehabilitation time. Thus Romeo came to us when we had space freed up.

When he first came to us
Lounging on our couch
Romeo is a sweet boy, and responded well to medication and treatment from day one.

Getting his wound cleaned
After he finished his antibiotics our vet examined his wound and found that he wouldn't need surgery to stitch the wound close; as you can see from the above photo, there is almost no more raw skin left! It is now a mere abrasion, and he can soon go home to his void deck and meet all his beloved humans again!

Looking forward
It hasn't been all that wonderful for him staying with us to recover, he misses his freedom, looks out the window grilles wistfully, wants to walkabout and get lots of physical affection. We hope to get him back home as soon as possible! Cheer him on on our updates on the cats through our social media channels - links below.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection        

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pretty Momo from Farrer Road - her story

| Momo currently recuperating with us |
Momo first started attracting unwanted attention by a condo management in Farrer Road, where she had then been unsterilised, finding boyfriends in the condo grounds, and giving birth within. She has since been sterilised, abandoned her boyfriends in the condo, preferring to hang out at a safer location outside the condo's perimeter. She was sterilised with a microchip under one of our volunteers' names.

| At her favourite bench with an ah pek |
Recently she was discovered limping by a resident in the area, who then called SPCA. Because of her stray cat microchip, our volunteer's name came up and was contacted by Cat Welfare Society. Momo was bailed out by our volunteer and brought to us to recuperate from her leg injury since we had the space.

Our vet prescribed cage rest and stretches for her, as it was not an injury that needed surgery or a splint. She however also came with a slight flu' and needed medication for it. She came to us on 5 June, and just completed medication for her flu'; her sneezing and nasal discharge are gone.

We need to check that she can walk properly now, and thereafter she can return to her favourite spot.

Momo being comfortable back home
You may recall that a litter of kittens was rescued from the same locale - yes, she is the mother of Leo, Lennon, Laney and Louie.

Help us help other cats like Momo and family, through becoming a monthly Boarding Fund giver. Through a budgeted recurring gift from you every month, deducted automatically by your bank, we can ensure the cats that need a temporary home have one with us where they can receive the rehabilitation they need. Young kittens without a mother can find foster parents in our volunteers till they are trained and rehomed. Injured kitties can receive care and rest till they are well enough to go back to the streets. Sick kitties with serious illness can have a final resting place where their physical and emotional welfare will be taken care of.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card. SMS Elaine 90880675 after giving   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      

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